My Cousin

playing with the switch in his room…mal is daring enough to stand on his chair to reach the switch

here’s a 3 men band playing in the kitchen

food tastes better when it was not fed by Daddy or Mummy!

? ??? and family was here for visit This time we were able to show them our new house. They liked our house very much. As it was weekend, they stayed over at our guest room, next to Malcolm’s room. Malcolm was especially happy. He seemed to remember them…even at such a young age and we do not see them very often. So far that he was here, he seldom get so friendly to other adults…but he was rather at ease and friendly with ?? and ???. We were surprised and concluded that he remembered them based on his memory when he was a baby.

Mal was eager to show ???? his room and toys. They had a lot of fun playing together. ???? is old enough to share with him the toys and gave in to him. When he saw ?? brushed teeth, he also followed. The next morning the first thing he did when he woke up was to go knocking on ?? door and shouted for her.

Now after ?? had left, he would run to the room and points to it when I mention ????. When I explained to him that ???? had went home…he pointed to the main door as if trying to say that he wants to go and find her.

I think he just missed company especially company he used to have from back home.


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