X’mas Lighting

Finally managed to get some shots of one of our neighbour’s xmas light up. It had been cold and going out in the night to shoot pictures is not something I would like to do though I had long wanted to get some pictures on our brightly litted neighbourhood. We finally did it!

We were just outside our next door neighbour taking some picture of their beautifully litted reindeers….drinking water, suddenly someone dashed out of the door shouting “Hey! you” I was shocked and I guessed so was Mal. Oh, it was a false alarm, cos our neighbour, Debbie thought that it was some young punks trying to ruin their decor again cos just the other night, some prankster actually kicked off the decor outside their house. We all had a good laugh and Debbie’s husband was keen to invite us into their house to view more decor in their backyard.

He explained to us that they do this every year and we were right, it is some kind of a competition as they will see who will be the 1st one to light up their house and who will have the most lights on every year. It was fun and it sure was something very different from back home.


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