Kaya Bread

Since we came here, breakfast had been Sara Lee wheatgrain bread with spread. Compared to back home, the amount of bread we eat here is A LOT. Mal and myself can finish a big loaf of bread in less than a week! Other than peanut butter spread and cheese…recently I had let Mal tried Kaya, those green colour…supposedly with pandan leaves type where we can only find back home He loves it. Normally I would spread the kaya on the bread and fold the bread into half for him. He decided to try to eat the bread like how I did…that is…without folding…so that your teeth can sink right into those sweet and savoury kaya the moment you bite it. See what a mess he had done…trying to eat the bread the way like Mummy. Now I am desperate as the kaya is running out…need to get the recipe so that I can make it myself. So kaya recipe for me…anyone???


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