Mal loves to swim when he was little. His 1st attempt in the pool was when he was 3 months old! When we were back home, where the weather was hot all year round, he swam almost everyday. That was also the easiest activity to keep him occupied and also to get some fresh air outside. He had lots of fun and can even float on his own…with a pair of Winnie the Pooh float around his arm. Since we came over here when he was 18 months. We had not let him tried the pool as the water was too cold. Summer is finally here and Mummy decided to let him try out our pool. Unfortunately, Mal had forgotten how fun the water was! He refused to change into his swimming trunk and was fighting back when Mummy tried to bring him near to the pool. It was so different from the Malcolm back home who got all excited when Mummy brought him to the pool. Nobody could guess that he used to love swimming so much…judging from his reaction now!

Finally with Mummy persistence and a lot of courage on his part. We managed to get into the pool! But he only want Mummy to carry him even when he had his float on. He was so scared of the water. This went on for quite a while before he could finally gained some confidence and started to enjoy the water more and slowly began to let go of Mummy’s hand. Mummy was however a poor coach when it comes to swimming as Mal only dare to release his hand a while when he swam with Mummy. He did have fun as when it was time to get off the pool … he told Mummy NO…he still wants to swim.

Daddy was however a much better coach. He tried bringing Mal to the pool over the weekend…it was the 2nd time Mal tried swimming in our pool. In just a matter of 10 or 15 minutes…Mal was able to release his hands from Daddy’s and stay afloat! He even tried swimming his way to the edge of the pool…and when he saw us jumped into the pool…he wanted to try too. He had to muster all his courage to do the simple leap from the edge of the pool…it was definitely a giant feat for Mal. Check out the video clip.

Mal 1st attempt in the pool…he was 3 months old…
when he was 7 months old he sat in his float to swim…
when he was 13 months…he wore his float to swim
when he was 15 months…he could float effortlessly…he loved playing in the water even with the strong water jet coming from the jacuzzi
but now…he had almost forgotten how fun swimming was
got to regain his water confidence…as a result Mal swallowed some water
finally can see him smile as he could let go of our hands and float on his own…
and swim…
and blow bubbles…

Finally he was ready to take his 1st leap off the edge of the pool! A Giant Feat for Mal



  1. scruffy-baby says:

    Hurray Daddy…I thought Mal will not jump off on his own…but he did…and did it with so much courage! Hip Hip Hurray!

    Well done Mal…well done Dad!

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