Hiding Place

It has been quite a while since Mal had started speaking in full sentences and asking us all the HOWs and the WHYs. Was inspired by some video clips I saw on some of my friends’ blogs…thus I decided to try my hand on it as well. Managed to do this today as Mal had an early afternoon nap and thus had a late lunch at 2 plus. After that…he was happy to play by himself for awhile. This however didn’t last long as very soon he was playing with the CPU which got me really mad. After some lecturing from me…it was…’Noooo…OOO Mummy don’t sit there!!!” whenever I tried to get back to the computer again. He just wanted my full attention. He definitely had it…as we ended up dancing in the living room for the next 1/2 hour or maybe longer!

Anyway here’s the clip…quite cool(i mean the software)…can add in music as well but couldn’t find one that is suitable…from the limited MP3 I’ve got…so just enjoy this la!



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