Mooncake Festival

some cool lanterns that came abit late

6 Oct was our Chinese Mooncake Festival. We had a small celebration at Daddy’s office. It was a simple get together to share some mooncakes. All the mummies and kids turned up at the office unexpected and uninvited. We had brought our own little mooncakes for tasting!

I rummaged through the house to look for lantern so that Mal could bring along. I found a miniature one, think we brought it along when we moved over from spore…a small pathetic one…made of paper which required a candle to light. Did not light the candle though as I foreseed that it would catch fire in no time!

Anyway, Mal was more fascinated by some other kid’s battery operated lantern blasting with funky music instead of his tiny weeny one held using a chopstick! Should have brought his one from spore…the one grandpa gave him when he was barely 1 year old!



  1. MG Driver says:

    Wah .. like dat also can? Unwanted and Unexpected????

    Are those latterns i bought from SG? Looked familiar … Hey, dont forget to save some for upcoming CNY!!!! :-)

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