East Coast Park

Singapore is a crowded city. It is especially crowded when it comes to weekend. Daddy hates the crowd and thus when it comes to weekend, we usually avoid the city and malls area, and there goes my shopping as well. We love going to the beach and parks during weekends and East Coast Park was one of our favourite getaway before Mal came along. Like many places, it is getting more crowded these days but still bearable.

We love East Coast Park for it’s wide open space, abundant greenery and over the years, the hawker center was refurbished and more eateries have sprung up. The good food more or less made up for it’s less than perfect beach and sea.

For the last 2 weekends, we had been hanging out there. We jog, we bowl, we build sand castles, we cycle and blade. We hung out at McDonald’s and feast at the new hawker center. It seems like the good old days, but yet different as we have Mal with us this time. It’s like rediscovering the place again.


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