Pilots, Planes, Rockets and LEGOs

His impression of Japan Airport, to be exact Narita airport, we transit there when we flew back from LA to Spore. He spent a few hours the other morning fixing this.

We had unpacked some of Mal’s frequent played toys, arranged them in boxes and stacked them up at every corners of the house. There is a corner for wooden toys and puzzles, a corner for cooking toys, a corner for Lego and a corner for all the other barang barang masak. Mal seems more cooperative to put his own toys back after playing when things are more organize now. Either this, or maybe because he is now playing less of his toys, except for his Legos. He spends most of his time fiddling with his Lego making planes and rockets. He is truly obsessed with planes, rockets and becoming a jumbo jet pilot these days. To the extent that sometimes when we want to make him eat food he refused to take or to drink more water. We have to appeal to his sense of logic, example,
‘if you don’t eat this or that, or you don’t drink enough water, you will not grow up to be strong and healthy. You need to be strong and healthy to be a pilot to fly a plane!’
‘you need to learn your ABCs if you want to become a pilot as pilots need to know how to read before they can fly the plane!’

so far this trick works a little, will have to think of something else when the day comes when he will just tell us ‘It’s ok, I don’t want to be a pilot anymore, so I no need to eat, drink and learn my ABCs!!!’

his huge Jumbo jet Lego which was completed half way in Phoenix. We were contemplating whether to take out this set of Lego which was meant for a 5 – 12 year old. The Lego pieces were very small and the instructions seem too difficult for him to understand and follow. We finally decided to let him play with it as we are afraid that he may lost interest in planes the day come when he is old enough to fix it.


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