So Good, No Need to go School!

so this is what I can do when there is no school
go swimming with Mummy! and best if you have a ‘surf board’ He calls himself the ‘Pilot Surfer’… whatever that means

Mal’s hassle free drop off at the childcare every morning lasted for 4 days. On Friday, he woke up telling me that he did not want to go school. He changed his mind with a bit of persuasion but clung on to me when he entered the classroom. I talked to him, explained to him, distracted him but all failed. He would give me reasons, excuses and cry hoping that he would come home with me. So on Friday, I brought him to school and I brought him home again. We had a deal, he has to go school on Monday and he agreed happily.

On Monday, he woke up fresh and excited about going to school. He changed his clothes, had his coco crunch with milk breakfast, brushed his teeth and all set to go school. But the moment we entered his classroom, his mood changed. Tears started rolling down his cheeks when he saw me turned to leave the room. More hugs and kisses only seemed to make things worse and soon he was bawling and the teacher had to hold him back while I walk off.

When I came back to pick him up later, he was bouncing with glee, eager to show me the craft he had made and tell me how much fun he had. When his teacher Mrs Manu told him she wants to see him with a happy face the next morning. He was quick to agree. But the same thing happened again the next day. This went on for the whole of this week and finally, today I decided to give him a break and give myself a break.

I wonder whether all kids go through this phase…

felt like a private investigator, hiding in the car to capture this shot. So cute! the kids were out for a stroll around the school. You learn to appreciate the greenery more after staying in desert Arizona for 2 years!

I hang around in school to make sure Mal was alright before leaving. Mal was the first one in the line with red hat
a little incentive for him to go school, I promised to bring him to the airport in the evening…and we were at the budget terminal where the view of aircraft taking off was better than at T2 viewing gallery!

but the terminal really looks ‘budget’… for a while I thought it was a temporary building as it was built using plaster board and there was a ‘budget’ cafe inside, Hanes.


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