Mon Bon Garçon !

literally means My Good Boy, in french

My french course finally kicks starts this week. It has been fun yet tough, exciting yet apprehensive, tiring yet satisfying. Going to school again with Daddy feels like the good old days except that this time Malcolm will leave home with us every morning. We told him that we were ALL going to school!

For the past few mornings, Daddy has been the one walking Mal to his class and handling the morning ‘separation anxiety’. Mal would burst into tears, cling on to him and come up with all sorts of reasons or excuses to get himself out of school
‘I don’t like school’
‘I want you to bring me to the toilet’
‘I need to pee’
‘I want a kiss’
‘I want a hug’
‘I want mummy to pick me up earlier’
‘I want mummy to pick me up after we have lunch’
‘I want to give mummy a hug’
‘I will miss you’

I was spared this heart breaking moment as I would normally bid him goodbye at the car park and would sneak outside his class to check on him after that. This went on for the past few days.

Today as usual, I bid him goodbye at the car park. Daddy walked him up to his class and I slowly sneaked up behind them and checked on him through the glass entrance of his class. I was outside for less than 5 minutes when I saw Daddy walked out with a bright smile on his face. There was no crying, no whining, no tantrum throwing and no bargaining.

When we reached home later in the afternoon, he came into the room and said
‘Mummy I have something to tell you about school today’
‘This morning, I asked Daddy to go in with me into the class room for a little while
‘Then I hold Daddy’s hand a little while
‘Then I let go of Daddy’s hand’
‘Then I let Daddy go’

He was trying to explain to me how he managed to hold back his tears this morning. It may sound trivial. But I know that this is a giant leap for my little boy. I am happy. I am proud. I am relief. I am contented. I can’t ask for more.

Il est mon bon garçon. vraiment. (He is really my good boy).

p/s : and if Mal goes school tomorrow, it will be the first time in 3 weeks he attends school everyday for a week!
He wanted a picture of us with him so that he can see us whenever he misses us in school. We printed this for him and packed it in a plastic sheet.


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