Some of his Favourite things

Mal is a rockets and planes fanatic, a little more of the latter. Topics on airplanes and rockets never fail to interest him and he can ramble on and on. It is a natural ice breaker when he meets strangers. Some of his current favourite things are (related to planes and rockets)
1. the plane magazine section in Borders
2. any books on planes and rockets
3. Legos …as he can built planes and rockets again and again

4. these light weight wooden model airplanes

5. this particular volume of Tin Tin comic bookas it is about an adventure to the moon. It all started when Daddy borrowed a french version of this from the library, hoping to practise reading French. The book attracted Mal with its rockets, space and moon picture and he absolutely fell in love with it after watching the DVD. Now if you ask him, he will tell you Tin Tin is from France!

6. This video from YouTube which shows how the airbus was assembled in 7 minutes. His latest favourite plane is no longer the Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet but the Airbus 380.

7. Changi beach …

as he gets to see planes flying right over him !


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