Can Someone Tell Us What We Saw ???

There is a new place to rough it out with your kids in Singapore. It’s the HSBC Treetop Walk @ MacRitchie Reservoir. This is a challenging one. The main highlight of the hike which is the tree top walk itself, a free-standing suspension bridge that connects the two highest points (Bukit Peirce and Bukit Kalang) in MacRitchie, and is only about 250m long, height from the forest floor varies with the highest point at 25m.

There are few routes to the treetop walk which is in the midst of the forest. We took the trail from Venus Drive and it took us 2 hours to hike to and fro. Not sure the exact distance we covered. The hike proved to be too challenging for Mal and for the 2 times we were there, Daddy had to piggy back him 1/2 way on our return route. We started off quite late on our 2nd visit but with the lush green forest and thick forest canopy, we almost couldn’t feel the scorching sun except for areas where we need to walk along the road. We could smell the greens, refreshing and a little bit musky even at mid day. I love the smell just like I love the morning smell.

The highlight for the hike was more than the tree top walk, it was the many plants, little streams, insects, bugs and even wild animals we saw along the way. For a while, it reminds me of our hike in Hawaii. The tropical rainforest almost felt the same.

Our best part of the hike was this …Daddy spotted this while we were on our way back after crossing the tree top walk.

We thought was a Flying Fox, but a search on the web shows that they don’t resemble what we saw. I was initially fearful to get close but later realised that it was too good an opportunity to miss taking a closer look at such an unusual ‘animal’ in the wild esp in Singapore. So I got as near as Daddy and Mal (Daddy was piggy backing Mal) and manage to take this close up shot of the unusual ‘animal’. I felt brave, a little improvement from the Black Bear incident in Yellowstone National Park 🙂
It looks like a huge lethargic squirrel which was not the least agile. We were so close to it and with all the rustling sound of the leaves we made, this ‘animal’ just stay stuck on the tree, shifting a little to move from one side of the trunk to the other. Till now we still have no clue what this weird animal was. Can Someone Tell Us What We Saw ???

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