Best and Special Moments of Year 2007

For this first entry for the new year. I had decided to compile some of our best and special moments of year 2007.

Greatest Achievement – Sleeping Alone
Sleeping Alone (Part1)
Sleeping Alone (Part2)
Sleeping Alone (Part3)
Sleeping Alone (Part4) – A Little Happy Note
Sleeping Alone (Part5) – In His Own Room
Sleeping Alone (Part6) – Under the Stars

Most Joyous MomentHappy New Year

Best Performance Jingle Bell

Most Teary MomentMummy I Am Very Sad

Bravest MomentMon Bon Garcon

Most Touching MomentWelcome Back

Wildest NightGirls Nite Out

Favourite VideoHappy Father’s Day (To Daddy with Love)

Most Courageous ActWe Did It

Best Message to ParentsImportance of 5 Point Harness”

Most Courageous Baking AttemptBacon Cheese Rolls

Most Courageous Cooking Attempt Salutate to Mum aka ?? aka PoPo

Best Local DelightHokkein Prawn Noodle

Most Adventurous Weekend An Adventurous Weekend

and the Best Vacation should go to our YellowStone Trip which till now I still have no time to compile the pictures.


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