3D2N Kampong Getaway


Mal’s maternal grandma whom he calls tai gong (great grandfather) grew up in our neighbouring country Malaysia and we have a whole bunch of relatives who are still living in rural Muar today. ?? comes from a very big family with 11 siblings whom she still keeps in close contact. Each of them have huge family of their own and I have lost count the number of cousins I have. There are quite a number of them who are as young as Mal but if you go by generation, Mal should actually call them uncles and aunties! Once in a while, during special occasion, we will accompany ?? to visit great grandfather in his very humble, laid back and simple home in the rural village. Just last week, we celebrated great grandfather 82nd birthday in rural Muar. Though it wasn’t Mal’s first visit, we brought him there more than 2 years back before we left for US, it was his first visit since he became more aware of his environment and could make more sense out of the things he sees.


We went on a Friday night and stayed over the weekend. I call it a 3 Day 2 Night Kampong Getaway and Mal had so much fun. There were so much things to see, try and play and the trip was simply rejuvenating for us.


It is hard to imagine the huge difference in living standard and lifestyle for these 2 places which are merely 2 hours apart by car. It is a place where you wake up to a rooster Kakadoodledoo in early dawn, eat ‘organic’ vege and fruits right from the backyard, collect freshly laid eggs from the chicken pen, watch brood of chicken take flight from the chicken pen and explore the plantation in a mini scooter. It is a little paradise in its own way. A lifestyle that many city dwellers can only yearn for.




  1. jason-ophelia says:

    Fang! Looks so fun… Esp the one in the motorcycle… I had a picture too, just like that…my grandpa will put me in front of him and my sis in the little basket on the motorcycle! Really huge family you have! So miss my gramps…

  2. 4MalMal says:

    hey ophe! we almost wanted to fit Mal in the basket, but he was a bit apprehensive taking the bike for the first time. I don’t remember seeing people doing that in spore. It was pretty fun and exciting for me 😉

  3. Jason Ophelia says:

    Oh man… its hilarious. I think my sis was a little girl maybe about 1 or 2… We also bathe using the tub method… And it was cold water the last time…brrr!!! There is this little open zinc roof at the washing area in the house where we kids bathe together! Those were the days…

  4. 4MalMal says:

    hey girls, I think you all should just go visit your granny in Perak! I call it our Asian version of B&B (Bed and Breakfast)
    hey ophe, our childhood seem so much more fun than kids today hor. anyway, I thought only pp born in the 70s went through the ‘kampong’ phase?

  5. jason ophelia says:

    Oh man June!!! My grandma stays in Sitiawan!!! Does your grandma make “chap chye” (I think thats what its called) its the preserved vegetable type.. with duck meat and “dua chye”… and assam… Its super yummy de… They used to cook it after a big event when they have a lot of leftover food…

    Fang, I remember playing masak masak… Using the playground sand as rice and plucking grass as vegetable! The paper type of dolls… where you can tear them and wear different clothes for them…So much more fun then the legos and barbie dolls! Wa ha ha…

    Also remembered peeping from afar when my grandma was killing her live chickens (Ok I can always remember that coz I always scream at my grandma to stop and I refused to eat the chicken, it was such a torture to the poor chickens!)
    I think I am born in the 70s trap in an 80s body!!! Wa ha ha

  6. Junette says:

    Hi Ophe

    Ya my grandma does.. haha whats ur dialect group? Mine is Fuzhou..
    Not sure have u gals come across this plant is malaysia, they call it pop pop cos is shaped like an oval ball and when u step on it, it will have a POP sound..
    haha ya i also played with masak masak, paper doll, four stone, feather thingy that u play with ur legs, rubber band to form skipping rope, what is that call when u draw squares then throw a stone then skip.. hahah.. miss those old goo ddays..

  7. 4MalMal says:

    never heard of Sitiawan but I heard of the chap chye with asam. I remember eating it when I went Penang? or Ipoh? or Taiping? Yum yum.
    Oh and I play masak masak, 4 stones, hopscotch, zero point too 🙂 yeah those were the good old days. As for the seed that goes pop, hmmm, I never play that b4, but my mum says you can find that in kampong. June, you grow up in which kampong?! Singapore?

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