I Want To Go With Daddy

Jan 245_mod 

‘I want Daddy’
‘I want to go with Daddy’
‘I will miss Daddy’
‘Can we go with Daddy’

Mal was bawling at the departure hall of T3. If you have seen how he cried over his beetle and his water bottle, his bawling at T3 won’t come as a surprise. Daddy is leaving for France, 6 weeks before us, to lay the ‘ground work’, which is mainly to find accommodation in Paris. It is going to be tough, finding decent accommodation that doesn’t cost us a bomb right in the middle of Paris and with the language barrier, it will only make it even harder. I had only recently found out how freaking expensive it is to stay in Paris. In a way, I was glad that both me and Mal was spared from this tough chore, the price for that will be a month of separation from Daddy.

We had been preparing Mal for this moment, telling him that Daddy will be going away and he won’t get to see Daddy for the next month, however he seem oblivious which made Daddy a little disappointed. But Daddy’s disappointment soon turned to heartaches when he saw how sad Mal was at the gate entrance. He took a good half an hour after Daddy left to finally calm down.

Jan 244

That night, before going to sleep, my little boy told me
‘I want to sleep with you tonight’
‘because Daddy is not around’
‘so that you will not be lonely’


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  1. Sherlin says:

    oh dear..poor malcolm..
    anyways, that’s a very nice family photo. can put it in malcolm’s mini photo album so that he can see daddy when he miss him..=)

  2. 4MalMal says:

    hey sherlin,
    yeah good idea! I was thinking of compiling more pictures of family and friends before we leave. Must remember!

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