Star Struck

Was at east coast park with an old friend when we saw this …


I have never been a big fan for any actors or singers and I don’t understand the madness of fan club. I rationalise to myself that actors or singers are just human being with a talent (though not always true) in acting or singing. Most of the time they are endowed with pretty faces, flawless skin and perfect body. Looking good is part of their job, thus sometimes talent can come secondary. They are not super human or saint but just a face that we see frequent on TV, cinema or magazines. We may know their lives inside out, cos they are public figures and most of the time their privacy invaded. It’s like a natural process, a price they paid for fame.

Having said this. Yesterday when I saw the acting crew, I still went goo goo gaa gaa like a crazy teenage fan! I was so so happy when me and Mal was granted to take a picture with Zoe and Ann! My old friend who took the picture for us just look at me amusingly, with amazement and probably disbelief. Maybe I am a little too old for such crazy behaviour, I bet my friend has the same rationale as me, just that, mine crumpled to pieces when I actually see the stars, and was degenerate to hysterical, emotional, irrational, prideless being.

I later rationalise to myself that it shall be ok to let go once a while especially if it is for a worthy cause for it is Mal’s first time struck by a star, by Queen of Caldecott Hill!




  1. Mama Bliss says:

    hihi… have been reading your blog for a while now… and i enjoy reading your blog 🙂

    you are so privileged to have a pic taken with Zoe & Ann 😉 lucky you! hehehe

    do pop by my blog when you have the time ya…see you!

  2. 4MalMal says:

    hey ophe! I so so wanted to tell her about shirley, hahah but I also paiseh, later she thinks how come shirley has such crazy auntie friend. hahah!

  3. 4MalMal says:

    mama bliss, thank you for dropping by. I just visited your blog. VERY NICE blog. Love the picture, the info, the craft oh…and your 2 little ones have soooo big eyes! ENVY 😉

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