My 2 Cents’ Worth

Growing up in a low income family, I am brought up believing that one doesn’t need a lot of money to live and survive. Alot of things in lives are luxury that we splurge because we have the power to do so. Money is never enough if we choose to splurge and live a luxurious life.

As a stay at home mum, I understand how hard it is to be taking care of your child 24/7. A lot of times, it can get frustrating and at times, we may even take it out on our spouse but ultimately we are doing it for our own child, not anyone else.

I compare taking care of our child to managing our own financial wealth. There is no one who is in better position to do the job than ourselves. Lack of knowledge is not an excuse but a reason for us to educate ourselves. It is not easy like many things in lives and it is a responsibility that we can hide but can never shirk off.

For the past few days, I have been rather disturbed by the much talked about Maid Abuse of 2 month old baby news in Singapore. I have heard the news, seen the video, read the comment and my heart goes out to the poor baby.

Money not enough is a statement frequently heard and  I think this statement is relative. Relative to the expectations you set in life. It irks me to hear of people harping on this statement when the fact is they can’t give up a luxurious lifestyle. Ultimately it is the children that is facing the brunt of their decisions.

The day you leave the care of your child to a total stranger, you are taking a risk, one with grave consequences that you can never answer to yourself and your conscience. You KNEW it but choose to delude yourself into believing that the worst will not happen, at least not to your baby.
Do you need to take this risk?
Do you sleep better with your decision?
Are you doing this to make ends need?
or is it for a ‘better’ life? a life with bigger house, bigger cars, more comfortable lives,
all at the expense of the safety and well being of your own child.
Does your child need the extra wealth?
or do you need it so that you can pay someone else to teach and raise your child on your behalf?
when she/he may be happier and better off with your company, guidance and support.
If you think you are the Boss ?
Think again.



  1. iemuhs says:

    Granted, I think those mothers who worked to ‘get away’ from parenting is wrong. But then, there are those who have many mouths to feed, and it might then be nec and make financial sense for them to leave their children in the care of someone else. Not everyone have parents in laws to help, and they can only trust their own instinct to choose a good helper.

    And of course, there are people like me, who are bonded are obliged to honour my bond before I can be there for my son. I am there for him 24/7 when I am not at work. Working moms don’t have it easy too. I am glad that my FIL and helper is there to provide alternative guidance to him, as there is much to learn from everyone besides the parents.

  2. 4MalMal says:

    Hi Sumei,
    Happy New Year!!!
    I have nothing against working mums and I know it is not easy being one. I believe every parents want the best for their children. The ‘best’ may be subjective and may be different for different parents. Many times, it is subjected to the parents knowledge and thinking and I am in no position to comment as I am not a professional myself and I am learning everyday, trying to bring up my child to the best of my knowledge.
    However, I do know that parenting doesn’t stop at bringing food to the dinner table and showering the kids with all things money can buy and I am appalled by those who think that having a maid is as good as having a SAHM and thus the readiness to choose their careers over their children.

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