Chinese Lunar New Year

It is Chinese Lunar New Year, year of the golden rat. We had our traditional family reunion dinner both at ??’s and ??’s house.

As always, ?? cooked steamboat accompanied with dishes of roast duck, pork and chicken from the earlier offering to the ancestors. It is a tradition at ??’s house to pray to the ancestors on new year’s eve morning and to the sky deity in the night. It is a also a tradition for our family members to stay up late after reunion dinner as we were brought up believing that this will increase the longevity of our parents. We call it ??(??) (Shou Sui)?

My 70 year old mother in law cooked up a banquet! It was definitely more than what we could finish and we believe that it is good to have leftover as it symbolized ????, which means ‘have surpluses every year’. The dinner table was filled with a sumptuous spread with food that symbolized all the good things a new year will bring.

On the night before new year’s eve, we went to the old style wet market as all wet markets were open through the night. We visited a nearby nursery to watch ?? in full bloom. We decorated the house with red new year ornaments. We made new year’s goodies and kueh kueh that is ohh.. so sinful yet so irresistible.We ate till our tummies hurt and I am sure to gain a few more inches around my waist this festive season!
Mal was happy to see so many flowers in the nursery and insist on ‘buying’ these flowers for me, which we did, with my $$ 🙂

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