5 Minutes Bargain

Me :’Mal, it’s time to bath’
Mal :’Mummy, 5 minutes’
5 minutes later…
Me :’Mal, your 5 minutes is up’
Mal :’Mummy, 5 more minutes’
10 minutes later…
Me :’Is it time to bath?’
Mal :’Mummy, 5 more minutes, 5 more minutes, I promise, ok?’
15 minutes later…
Me :’Mal, it is really time for you to bath’
Mal :’I don’t like to bath…’
‘BUT I still MUST bath, ok?’
Reluctanly, he walks to the bathroom.

Mal is now very good with his ‘5 Minutes Bargain’. He will use it EVERYTIME when he is asked to do his daily chores such as brush teeth, take nap and bath and many times, half an hour passed, the things are still not done.

My effort in drilling him with the ‘Why You Need To Do The Things You Don’t Like’ seems to pay off recently.

Yesterday afternoon, ??(grandma) helped to babysit Mal while I went off to run some errands. When I came back, I was surprise at what ??(grandma) got to say.

Mal bathed, dressed and took his afternoon nap ALL by himself. No Nagging, No Crying, No Bargaining! He even woke up to pee himself!

Maybe ultimately, my little boy is independent enough to do alot of things by himself BUT ONLY when Mummy is not around!



  1. Junette says:

    Hey Fang

    You are leaving this week for France right? Hey All the best, stay in touch.. Take care and enjoy Europe.. and LV hehe… Send our regards to Mako..
    God Bless

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