Welcome to Our Cozy Nest

Feb 623

Few months ago, I was shocked by the exorbitant price of housing rent in Paris when I did a search on the internet. A lot of them are small single bedroom or even no room studio apartments. I felt claustrophobic just by looking at them. So for the last 1 month or so, Daddy being the advance party was here stressing over accommodation knowing how hard to please I can be when such things are concerned. After a month of searching, he finally found something that meet our requirement. He settled on this 67sqm 1 bedroom apartment, the biggest he has seen so far that is within our budget, in the 16th arrondissement. Paris is divided into 20 arrondissements.

Our new place is near to amenities such as Carrefour, bakery, butcher, supermarkets, public buses and Métro. There is a park nearby, a preschool just downstairs and Daddy’s workplace is around 15 minutes away by Métro and so is Eiffel Tower.

Here’s a peek to our little cozy nest …

 Feb 614_mod

the living area

Mar 082_mod 

dining area

Feb 619 

and kitchen where all the ‘wokings’ will take place

Feb 625 

our room with a queen size bed and a new bed for Mal from Ikea (yeah, they have Ikea here! about 1/2 hour drive from our place)

Mar 078

and I love these lovely tulip wall lights !

thank you Daddy, this is more than what we could ask for


  1. Jennifer Yim says:

    Your place looks so nice and cosy, it looks very spacious too even though it’s a 1 bedroom apartment. But the washing machine a bit funny, right beside your stove, but I’m sure you’ll be baking lots of lovely muffins and cookies to make your clothes smell good 🙂

  2. ah rus -0_0- says:

    that is the same size of the 3-room flat i m renting in sg now. but yours look more elegant… ya, how much is the rent???

  3. scruffy-baby says:

    The tulips looks so fresh and sweet. So nice of Shin to have prepared them for you on your arrival…you must have felt soooo touched, yah! Way to go, Shin!

    Indeed, the house looks charming. While the sqm sounds really small, but the pic you took if it makes the living and kitchen look real spacious.

    Hmm…I’m eyeing at the living room!!!

  4. ah rus -0_0- says:

    my 3-room flat at amk is only 65sqm (without utility room upgrade model), but yrs is definitely not hdb look, so nicely designed. The stairs should be for emergency purpose (in case of fire) but definitely better designed that hdb stairs. that explains the 3k huh?

  5. rus says:

    aiyah, my rented flat is all with fixed (auntie’s style) cupboards, can’t refurbish. Anyway, it’s rented so why bother. When I have my new studio pic ready, will show u the marble floor ala greece *wink

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