Mal’s Latest List of Favourite Songs

It is all so true that children learn like a sponge. They absorbed knowledge, good and bad similar to how the sponge soaks up anything fluid. 1 month prior to coming over to Paris, Mal had tremendous fun staying at ?? (my mum’s) house, together with ???my dad), ??(my younger sis) and ? ? (my youngest brother) . There are endless things to play with, from stacking the sofa cushions to make planes to extending rolls of thread from the sewing machine to make gates. Just talking to each one in the family kept him very occupied. There is something to learn from everyone and Daddy and Mummy are no longer his only teachers at home.

He learned human body parts watching Nip and Tuck with ??, how to say ‘NO, it’s ok’ to ??’s endless warnings, how to converse with ?? in Mandarin, how to dance like a ‘pro’ with ? ? and speak like a true blue Singaporean with all the ‘la, lor, meh’. His favourite song list has also expanded to include the latest hits from the Billboard which makes him more current than us and I am very refreshed with my little boy’s new taste in music. He can literally tell me, ‘Mummy I want this xxx song. Can you play this xxx song?!’




  1. Jason-Ophelia says:

    OMG!!! Malmal is so gonna be a “party king” the next time he grows up, I can so imagine him going to zouk and all that! Haha…

    So coordinated! Even have hand movements!!! So cute lah him…

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