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‘Scrapbooking – The Little Girl in Every Woman’ ~ by ME 🙂

I LOVE scrapbooking stuff! The colourful papers with varied textures and the cute little stickers, embellishments, rub ons, stampers that can be used to decorate those albums simply drive me into a buying frenzy. When we were in the States, I love going to Joann store and Michaels to stock up my existing scrapbooking collection, and till today, I have yet to start any project.

I believe every woman has a soft spot for all these sweet little cutesy and oooh so lovely stuffs. Whoever came up with multilevel marketing for scrapbooking must have realised this and must be bringing in big $$ from those young girls, working ladies and mummies, eager to create that special album. It is a fact that the retail industry thrives on the feminine dollar.

Thanks to the advent of computers and internet, digital scrapbooking is made possible and women are now saved from spending a fortune on endless supplies of scrapbooking stuff. Just do a search on ‘digital scrapbooking’ on Google and you can find tonnes of websites with free tutorials, great ideas and even free templates for downloading. Even if you do need to pay for them, they are reusable and you can use them again and again!

Having said this, there still remain a group of scrapbookers who still prefer to do it the traditional way. Sometimes nothing beats being able to feel and touch the real physical form even if it means paying for them.

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  1. ah rus-0_0- says:

    i went for one of the sessions by the scrapbooking supplier, quite fun! the kit is really ex though. imagine there is a cafe where u can pay a token and get to use the material provided (buffet style) – that would save space n e whole expensive collection needed. *hmmm maybe this biz idea is alrd running somewhere?

  2. 4MalMal says:

    was that in spore? they have something like that in the States too. So are you considering teaching scrapbooking as well now 😉

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