Fruit of Labour

This is not St Dalfour’s latest green fruit jam. It is my fruit of labour…
Authentic Homemade Kaya with Kopi Tiam Style Half Boiled Eggs 🙂

I had forgotten how tedious, laborious, time consuming, mechanical Kaya Making is. I think when it comes to ‘affairs of the tongue’, one tends to be forgetful. For me, it was not merely falling into the trap of temptation, but also repeating the same mistake twice! My first attempt was a disaster, again like last time, it was due to over heating. I had to dump everything into the garbage chute.

Patience and Endurance, the Essence Needed for Good Kaya

After one and a half hour of standing and non stop stirring over constant low heat, the kaya was finally done. The 2nd attempt was a resounding success. There wasn’t a single clump.

I was a proud and contented mama.
I manage to fulfill my promise to Mal.
He had homemade kaya toast for breakfast the next morning. Since I do not have a bread maker like here, I used back Auntie Jess’s recipe

3 eggs
2 egg yolks
150g sugar
250ml coconut milk
3-4 pandan leaves
1/2 tsp pandan paste (optional)

1. Blend eggs and yolks together.
2. Stir in sugar until dissolved.
3. Combine coconut milk and mix well.
4. Strain mixture. I skipped this step as I don’t have a strainer, still the kaya turns out smooth
5. Add pandan leaves and pandan paste.
6. Cook over double-boiler, stirring constantly, till desired consistency.
7. Cool and bottle.



  1. Jason-Ophelia says:

    Whoo my! The Yakun style breakfast is making me drool… I should try it out soon! Been too lazy.. 🙁

  2. 4MalMal says:

    hey ophe,
    just use a big pot, fill up with water and use another small pot for your kaya mixture. In my case I use my frying with a deeper base for the water and a smaller pot for the kaya mixture

  3. mamabliss says:

    WOW I admire your preseverance… way to go mama!!! and you are definitely a super cook to be able to make kaya from scratch the traditional way… bet you guys enjoyed every bit of the kaya 😉 what a wonderful fruit of labour… teehehe

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