Space Crafts (Part 1) Solar System and Saturn 5 Rocket

Things are a little pricey here in Paris. There is no Dollar store like in States or Popular bookstore like back home where you can get kids’ stationery and craft supplies at rather reasonable and cheap prices. Other then his crayons and pencils which we brought with us from back home, I had invested in some poster paint, colour markers, a few paint brushes, A4 size papers and a paint mixing palette for Mal. He doesn’t have the luxury of colourful construction papers and mega size mahjong papers and have since learned to collect junks for his craft box.
Our collection now includes cardboard, styrofoam and plastic boxes, egg trays, toilet and kitchen towel rolls, scraps of cloth, used sponges, straws, kebab sticks, daddy’s coffee container basically anything that are not too dirty or soiled and can be recycled. We have learned to be more conscious and aware of the ‘junks’ in our house and will now think twice before throwing anything away. Mal has to remind Daddy to bring back his empty mineral water bottles, straws and kebab sticks so that he can make his next craft, an Apollo Lander. With the junks, we managed to churn out some space crafts …

a detachable Saturn 5 rocket, the Solar System with the Sun and all the 9 planetswe also learn how to draw circles without a compass he can now sleep with all his planets and stars (and did I mention that we managed to get those luminous stars like what he used to have in his room back home)

This book, Outer Space : A Crafty Inventions Book provides some really wonderful craft ideas for my space fanatic boy. We will need to improvise for crafts that are too complicated. It is a good way to brainstorm with your little ones and come up with alternatives.

It makes me smile to hear Mal says ‘Oh, I have a good idea!’ though a lot of times, his ‘good idea’ doesn’t really work 🙂

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