Leisure Weekend

We lunched out for the first time at a typical parisian brasserie, La Pointe Saint Eustache. It was at the 1st arrondissement, geographical center of Paris and a haven for tourists where The Louvre, Les Halles and the Palais Royal are located.

beside this old historic churchwe found this brasserie, La Pointe Saint Eustachel’eau in a blue flaskDaddy ordered a Carnard which tastes like roast duck cooked in ang moh style. He loves the potato though I find them too oily
I ordered a steak cooked to moyen. It was a bit tough but it goes super well with the Dijond mustard. Just writing about it makes me drool!this was wrapped around my steak. 100% fatty bacon. I can’t bring myself to swallow, how sinful! Mal had his omelette with bacons…to be exact 3 omelettes!
Shoo dog shoo! this dog, which looks like Tin Tin’s Snowy was seated just like any other patron in the brasserie. Parisians LOVE dogs!

After lunch we took a leisure walk along Les Halles, once a central wholesale marketplace until 1971.

Les Halles
and saw this ooohh laaa laaa, passionate french lovers kissing in the middle of the street!

The walk brought us to Centre Georges Pompidou, the national museum of modern art which also houses a vast public library and a center for music and acoustic research. Mal calls it the ‘funny’ museum because of the huge pipe like structures seen outside the building. I find it more like an unfinished piece of work, a building still under construction. Just outside the museum there were crowds gathering around street performers, such as mimes and jugglers. The Stravinsky Fountain around the corner is something refreshing to see. The automatic fountain painted in bright vibrant colours is a piece of art on its own. A nice change from all the sober coloured historic buildings in the vicinity.

the pipe like structures outside the center and people queuing up to get inside the Pompidou the building looks more like unfinished to me
look at these fountains in fun jubilant colours, a great contrast from the sober coloured buildings around
fountain art

Further ahead we came to Hotel de Ville, housing the City of Paris’s administration. Ever since 1357, the City of Paris’s administration has been located on the same location where the Hôtel de Ville stands today. It was rebuilt in the 1870s after a fire that took place in 1871. It was there that we saw the biggest and most ancient looking carousel ever.

Hotel De Villethe grand c
arousel in front of Hotel De Ville
watch me balance

We took a long walk along Seine river …

we saw little stores selling paintings,
and very old books
and there is something for me too…an old Tin Tin comic selling at 12 EUR

It was Daddy’s plan to bring us to The Louvre, the biggest and most visited museum in the world, which holds some of the world’s most famous works of art such as Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and The Virgin and Child with St. Anne. We were however distracted along the way and ended up somewhere else…

Every walkway and every turn, you are greeted by a building, easily a few hundreds years old, since there long before our time, with a rich history waiting to tell.

Some people says that you don’t really know Paris, unless you know its buildings. It is an architectural timeline detailing the many eras, styles and trends from Medieval to Modern and that is what that made Paris an architectural wonder.



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