‘Chit Chat’ Session

Every evening after dinner, upon the request of our 4 year old, we will have a chit chat session. This chit chat session involves turning off all the lights, lit up the candles in the living room, sit on the sofa and TALK. Most of the time, we will end up listening to his blabbing on planes and rockets and his Lego creations for the day. At times, it is more damaging as you find us indulging in some sinful yet irresistible french pastries. I am enjoying this new lifestyle but my rationale mind is telling me to STOP! before my lateral growth gets out of control.

Our latest agreement is to reserve those pastries for special occasions and THIS shall STAY SO till the day I unravel the secret behind french women slim and trim figures despite all the cheese, bread and pastry!

Hmm…weekend is round the corner, shall we celebrate? Pâtisserie pour le dessert??!

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