Soirée Internationale

We attended the Soirée Internationale (International Evening), an annual event held by Ecole Militaire in Paris It was a night with free food, drinks and lively music in carnival style. The cultures and food from over 60 different countries were the highlights of the night.

The big field inside the Ecole was dotted with blue and white tentages. Aroma and laughter filled the air. There were Dutch men in colouful wooden clogs and funny hats, Scottish men in tartan skirts, Korean women in hanbok, Africans in tribal dress and Indians in their traditional sari. Our Singaporean friends were cladded in SIA trademark kebaya and batik shirts instead. Daddy was lucky to be given the chance to come this far to meet and work with these people. We were lucky to be with him.

Kids warmed up in an instance and soon they were running around chasing each other. They were the best nannies for one another and that leaves us some time to go ‘country’ hopping. We moved from one tent to another, sampling food and drinks, chatting and meeting new people. Bon soir and bon soirée were the most commonly used words for the night and I was more than happy to meet someone who speak English. By the end of the night, our tummies hurt from the glutting and our tongues were twisted a little after a trying night of parlez français.

As the night wears on, we quietened down. Out in the chilly night, we curled up to each other, waiting in anticipation. The gaiety around us was drowned and slowly faded into silence as our eyes lit up to the spectacular Eiffel Tower night light show ahead, at a distance not too far away.


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