Malcolm Turns 4

Malcolm turns 4 today. He woke up asking about his birthday party and was a little disappointed when was told that there wasn’t going to be a party for him this year. We could have invited some of our friends over but thought that maybe after 2 years of birthday bash in States, we shall have a simple one this time. It is one of those things that we wouldn’t want him to grow up taking for granted.

So instead, I baked him a cake, actually it is more of, WE baked the cake together. Malcolm helped to bake his own birthday cake today! Mixing, stirring, decorating and waiting patiently for the cake to ‘rise’. He couldn’t hold his excitement after knowing that I am going to give him a ‘surprise’ rocket cake. Yeh, I know it is not much of a surprise. He had long figured that out since he was with me most of the time and had saw me pulled hair over how to turn a round cake into a rocket cake. We end up brainstorming together. A little flag I put up on the cake while he was taking his bathe was about the only surprise he got and he was quick to tell us that he loves it 🙂

We spent almost 1/2 the day making. Try mixing using a plastic rice cooker spatula and you will find out how much muscle strength was required. Measurement of butter, flour and sugar were purely based on estimation as we don’t have a weighing machine. Thankfully the cake turns out pretty well and we had gobbled up 1/2 the rocket despite after a heavy dinner.

I would personally prefer someone to surprise me with a birthday cake but Daddy consoled me that more importantly is that we all had fun. For me, I wish that this birthday will be another memorable one for him…

Before going to bed, he asked whether I could bake him a cake again next year… an airplane one!


P/s : thank you yeeyee and the gang for the birthday song over the webcam 🙂



  1. Junette says:

    Happy Birthday to You
    Happy Birthday to You
    Happy Birthday to Malcolm
    Happy Birthday to You..
    Happy a wonderful Birthday and Be Happy Always..

  2. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday Malcolm!!! You grow so fast… I can still remember your 2nd and 3rd birthday that you held here in AZ. What a nice touch… the rocket cake!. Love, Aunty Ethel-

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