Old Friend

We caught up with an old friend when we were in Amsterdam.
We ate simple home cooked food at her cozy apartment.
We chat, we eat, we drink and we eat again.

It felt just like home even though
we were thousand of miles away,
in a very foreign land.

We warm up and connect in an instance
even though we have not met for years.

We share our biggest flaws, greatest imperfections and darkest secrets.
We open our hearts and bare our souls
knowing that we will never be hurt.
There seems nothing too personal.

We disagree and argue,
And we agreed to disagree
After all we are all different
and To Each His Own.

We are not perfect
and have our own shortcomings
But through the years,
we have learnt the virtue of
embracement and acceptance.

We were both caught up in our busy lives
and many times, we made little effort to keep in touch
yet somehow, no matter where we are
we know we can turn to each other during time of adversity
a phone call or an email is all it takes.

There is no need for flowery language and polite greetings
a simple and straight forward
‘I am screwed’
we are free to
pour out our hearts and
cry out our lungs.

It is all these
and maybe more
that makes this union so special.

And to have this in a lifetime
I should die happy.

~ me

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