About Being 35

Yes, I am 35, in my mid thirties, could almost see the 4 now!
I celebrated my 35th birthday more than a week ago during our road trip to the country side. My duo surprised me with a chocolate cake at Mont Saint Michel which they hid in the car boot for more than 2 hours! It was sweet.

I have been thinking quite a bit recently, mostly aging and health and I joked to Daddy the other day that maybe I am facing a mid thirties crisis. Some of random thoughts that ran through my mind.

drinking decaf coffee
I used to think that decaf coffee was a joke. Why drink coffee then?! and I swore that I would not be caught drinking one of that. I basically have to eat my words now, cos I have bought my first box of decaf coffee. Much to my surprise, it tastes JUST like coffee and the aroma of the coffee still remains. How cool it is and I can’t help but to do a search on how coffee is decaffeinated which brings me to…

being paranoid
So I was paranoid enough to do a search on the internet for the negative side effects of decaffeinated coffee.
I found out that there are 3 common decaffeination methods, using supercritical carbon dioxide, water extraction or using methylene chloride as solvent. 80% of decaffinated coffee is processed with methylene chloride which studies have shown to be carcinogenic and the National Cancer Institute’s list of chemicals labels it as a possible human carcinogen.
Maybe it is better to just stick to normal coffee afterall.

the bulge
that finds a permanent home
around my belly.
I was quite lucky to be blessed with a rather high metabolic rate during my younger days and excessive weight gain hardly plagued me. This has changed since I hit the big 3-0 and especially so after Malcolm came along. This bulge seems to find a permanent home, hibernating and waiting for that one moment of indulgence for it to grow exponentially. It is almost impossible to get rid of.

body detox
regular exercise seems inadequate to cleanse and detox the body and I am considering regular fruits and vegetables diet. I tried my first 3 day fruits and vegetables diet a few months back. It was the longest 72 hours of my life and I did it through pure perseverance and determination and was shocked by the amount of waste I managed to expel from my body. I lost a drastic 3 kg after the 3 day course and I swear the size of the little bulge miraculously reduced.

mental nutrition guide
it becomes natural to run through the nutrition fact of the food I eat and a conscious effort was made to prevent taking food with
too much carbohydrate
saturated fat
artificial colouring
artificial flavour enhancer
high calories count

jeans and t-shirt
I used to find the combination of t-shirt and jeans boring and preferred outfits that were more fanciful and feminine. Recently, with the weather warming up here in Paris, I am stocking up my wardrobe with simple Ts of all the basic colours and I swear by my Buffalo David Bitton jeans. Looking good in my latest Ts and favourite jeans is a cause for celebration.

sun damage
I love the sun and the beach and would opt for a stroll on the beach to shopping at crowded shopping malls on weekends anytime. I love to soak in the sun, enjoy the heat and I don’t mind feeling all sweaty and sticky after that. Things have changed a little recently as more people have been bugging me about wearing my sun screen and sun shade. During our recently holiday at the beach, my favourite line was ‘it is too hot out here, we might get skin cancer!’
No wonder Daddy finds me a nag.

breaking bones
one of the sports both Daddy and I enjoy doing together is roller blading. We used to roller blade every weekends and we could do it for hours, going back and forth East Coast Park. We were keen to try out new tricks and won’t mind falling down if we needed to.
With the knowledge that women start losing bone mass after the age of 30, I am now less adventurous, my gut has shrunk and I worry about breaking bones.
I am content just being a spectator.

health of the eggs
now that Mal is 4 years old and we felt that we should have enough tricks in our bags to handle another little one, I start to worry about the health of my eggs. Time and tide wait for no man and the woman’s biological clock is a merciless reality.
But still, we think we should enjoy Europe as much as we could before being tied down by another little monster. It is a tough choice

other than the above, it has been great being 35.
I like to think I am a little more mature.
I exude an air of confidence that can only come with age
I feel like a 20 something, still wanting to have fun, see the world and learn new things.
More importantly, I am a happy little woman, mother to a healthy boy and wife to the most loving and sensitive man I ever know.

I love the challenge of aging gracefully.



  1. Ing says:

    Hi, I like your blog and the way you write about yr life. 🙂 Well, I’m also in my 30s (33 now). I tell my younger friends, “Once you hit 30, you stop counting.” Haha. Can identify with most of the things you’ve mentioned, especially about the bulge. Oops. Think I should try the detox thing too!

  2. 4MalMal says:

    Hi Ing,
    thank u for dropping by. Your words made my day 🙂 The detox thing is abit tricky, I took some diet supplement at the same time. Got the advice from the experts. Will let u know if u r interested.

    u r too kind. I am good at camouflaging. hehe 😀 the size is relative, before and after Mal!

  3. Joyce Long says:

    Hi 4malmal,

    Happy belated birthday. To share I am 1 year older than you and agreed that it is a challenging age that we have to go thru. Really admire your courage of planning another one : ) Btw where are you residing now? Spore or France?

  4. 4MalMal says:

    Hi Joyce,
    thank you! we are living in paris now. will be here for another year before heading back to sunny humid spore!

  5. Haeryo says:

    Hello dear mummy… happy belated birthday to you. Pretty and healthy as always and wiser as you age gracefully.

  6. jason-ophelia says:

    My sis in law had her 2nd kid at 37! 🙂 So no worries at all, enjoy France! Muackz… Happy 35th!

  7. 4MalMal says:

    hey ophe,
    thanks for the encouragement. I consoled myself that Zoe didn’t have her first one till she was 37 😉

  8. mamabliss says:

    hello… we are in the same boat… so yeah… we are half-way to the BIG 4…then again… it will definitely be fun as we go along aging gracefully 😉 happy belated birthday *HUGZ*

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