My Sister’s Wedding


We flew half way round the globe to attend my beloved sister’s and uncle Eddy’s wedding.

It took us a looonng while to decide. It was a mad rush where Mal’s visa was approved 2 days prior to our departure. Since we touched down Singapore, we were out almost everyday. Shopping with the bride-to-be for dresses, shoes, accessories. Rushing for appointments with hairdresser, beautician and wedding planner. We hardly had time to catch up with our sleep and recover from our jet lag much less inform our friends about our returns.

The wedding went on smoothly and perfectly and was all so lovely and touching. The bride glowed with a radiance from within, the groom was all smiles despite a recent attack of chicken pox. A beautiful and handsome couple whom we know all our lives.


The day started early at 5.00 am. Mal was given the honour to open the wedding car door and later on had a rolling good time bouncing, dancing and wrecking havoc on the wedding bed, a Chinese tradition to bless the newly wed with a baby boy. The night wedding banquet was a grand one with close to 500 relatives, friends and guests. It was a night of fun, laughter, tears and yum sengs. I was touched and emotional. Tears rolled down uncontrollably on a few occasions,
when my sister gave a speech
when I saw her walked down the aisle
when the presentation video I did for the couple was played (a 5 min photo montage which took me months to do)

I realised that all these meant so much to me, to be here together with my family and everyone else, preparing for this big day and giving my blessing to this special couple.

I believe I will look back one day, probably when I am much older, peaceful with myself simply because I made the decision to go through the hassle, spent the money and borne with the short separation with Daddy.

The choice wouldn’t be so clear if not for Daddy’s wise words
Money cannot buy Happiness.
When you can, spent it.




  1. ah rus -^_^- says:

    wise word indeed! one never know what tmr will bring – so ‘carpe diem’!

    congrats to yr sis! *though i wonder if she still remembers me…

  2. 4MalMal says:

    hey ophe,
    thanks, she does look good that night. oh yeah, i cut of my hair!

    hullo june
    u damn sharp la..but i helping my mum carrying her bag. hehe

    hey pauline,
    actually i look the least like them. I have my dad’s genes while they resemble my mum more. but i think from the pic can’t really tell. hehe

    hey rus,
    they still remember u, oh and I will love to bring mal to your studio.

  3. ah rus -0_o- says:

    aiyah, you are back to paris huh? next time must bring mal down. How come he doesn’t like to paint?

  4. 4MalMal says:

    hey rus,
    will definitely bring him there when we come back and when time is not so rush. Mal likes to paint, only if you ask him to paint planes!

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