We could hear the engine of our Boeing 777 roar down the runway, Mal propped up from his seat, leaned so close to the window next to him, his face glued to the small pane, his eyes never leave the runaway. He scrutinized every single movements of the flaps and ailerons on the wing, repeating to me what he saw as our plane took off, slowly gaining height till we finally lost sight of the island. Mal never miss any chance to watch the plane take off and land whenever we fly, no matter how tired he was and he has to have the window seat.

The invention of planes has to be one of the greatest humanity’s achievement in modern history. Till today, this huge flying machine still marvels me. Its ability to carry tonnes of weight and stays in the air for a time which seem almost eternal. In 13 hours, we flew 6669 miles, transported from a little tropical island on the Earth’s equator to a cosmopolitan city with totally different culture, climate, people, building and architecture. To many, it is a place they dream of and to some, it is a place they may never get to visit in a lifetime.

As I sat there, I thought about how easily 2 hearts which were separated by this vast distance, living in 2 very different time zone, could soon be reunited. Yet, on the other side of the world, there were new people whom we left behind and we knew we will soon miss.

Distance separate us all, yet if we look at it again, we are actually merely a plane ride apart.


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