Raw Rolled Oat Porridge

For the time we were in Singapore, Mal has not been eating well. He refused to finish his milk in the morning, refused to eat on his own, only want to be fed, never finish his food. In his own words ‘Grandma doesn’t cook as nice as Mummy!’ maybe I should be happy for that or I shouldn’t be so gullible as to be taken in by some excuses cooked up by a 4 year old.

The truth is, I had been slacking since I touched down Singapore. Food was served timely on the table without me lifting a finger. It felt good to be pampered this way, but not for long. I soon realised that not participating in the cooking also meant having to eat whatever that was served. We could eat kueh kueh and bao for breakfast and bak chang (dumplings) for lunch. I no longer decide what to cook, how it should be cook and how much to cook. My complaints could be heard frequent. How this should be cooked in this way, how a little bit of salt would make the dish taste better, how cooking in lower heat could enhance the flavour etc. It seem almost endless and I was sure my mum got frustrated with me. It was just so hard to suppress the control freak in me and YES I am very used to cooking and running the kitchen MY way.

So now it is back to the 3 of us at the table. Mal is back to sitting at the table with us. He uses his spoon and chopsticks, eats on his own, finishes what he was given, joins us in small conversation and asks to be excused from the table after meals. It felt good to be back. No more bao, kueh kueh or dumplings for breakfast. Instead for the past few days since we were back, this is what we ate for breakfast.
Trust me, this ooey gooey raw rolled oats porridge tastes better than it looks and we all LOVE it!
the best part – It is SUPER healthy! Here are some nutritional facts of roll oat
– it contains minerals and vitamins
– is a very good source of iron
– is high in fibre, both insoluble and soluble. Insoluble fibre aids in regular bowel movements and soluble fibre aids in controlling the blood sugar level in the body
– contains beta glucans which helps to lower cholesteral level in the bloodstream thus reduce the risk of heart disease

To prepare, just mix the below ingredients and cook till roll oats soften. Easy peasy!
3 tablespoons raw roll oats
2 teaspoons honey
few red dates (optional)
few wolfberries (optional)
1 bowl of water
note : dried longans and raisins can be added instead



  1. 4MalMal says:

    hey angeline,
    super easy and YUMMY, I surprise myself cos normally i don’t even take instant oatmeal from Quaker!

  2. 4MalMal says:

    hey sarah’s daddy and mummy,
    i think u can use that but personally i don’t like the taste of oatmeal, if u r referring to the Quaker ones. U can get rolled oat from this whole sale baking shop, Phoon Huat. Else u can try using muesli, which is usually a mixture of oat with dried fruits.

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