Greatest Video Ever

I found this video, the greatest video ever, on MetroDad, my all time favourite daddy blogger, Pierre Kim. He is funny, witty and occasionally vulgar and I just love the way he writes.

As many would know, due to the nature of my husband’s work, our family get to travel quite a bit. We were in the States for the last 2 years and currently living in Paris and probably more to come. Frankly speaking, sometimes I dread having to adapt to new places, new cultures and now new language. Not being a very people person, I have never been very good at adapting and making new friends. I used to joke that by the time I have adapted to a place, it is time to leave. I yearn for deep sincere friendship rather than superficial social acquaintance but many time, the former is not possible without the latter.

this video made me tear up terribly! Tears of guilt, tears of inspiration and mostly tears of joy. I was touched deeply. Its arrival couldn’t be more timely. The night before, Daddy and I were just discussing about our different outlook in life and how he advised that I should take a carpe diem approach to life and stop fretting about the small stuff.

To a certain extent, I felt guilty. Guilty, for the time I choose to retreat into the comfort of home than to step out and meet new people. Guilty, for the time that I choose to harp on the differences than to embrace them.

I realised that
maybe I am not much of a city dweller or traveler afterall.
maybe I am just another whiner, living too much in my own world, too cozy in my comfort zone.
maybe this foreign place proves to be too claustrophobic for me.
It was during our recent trip to the countryside that I realised how much I missed the open grassland, the boundless ocean, the empty land that stretches far and wide.

This video tucked my heartstrings. It makes me feel little and it dwarfs all my accomplishments, if any, and hence I attempt to write,

It is hell of a world out there,
what it has to offer,
what we can give.

May we take the focus away from us,
for we are nowhere near leaving a legacy like this,
if we can’t get passed us.

Afterall, what is us?
Merely insignificant, minute beings,
in this vast space,
called Universe.



  1. coolingstar9 says:

    You are so lucky have time to travel.
    Have a wonderful life, happy and healthy.
    Best wishes from coolingstar9

  2. 4MalMal says:

    hey pualine,
    u r most welcome and I love love love it too!

    hey anonymous,
    thanks for sharing the poem

    thank you for your well wishes. What an interesting blog u have!

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