People We Met

Inspired by Matt’s dancing video, during our recent trip, we made it a point to talk to strangers we met along the way. Trust me, it wasn’t easy especially for a SAHM, who spent most of her waking hours talking and negotiating with her 4 year old, and now, with the language barrier. It was very challenging, doing something that was so not me and the greatest lesson I learned was, people were usually friendlier than they looked and they usually have interesting stories to tell.

We talked to the lady pub owner downstairs our hotel, a group of English speaking teenagers on the beach, cyclists from Wales, painters in the market and an old couple from Italy who were so keen to take a picture with Mal.

During our train ride from Nice to Marseille, we met a girl who was traveling alone. She was 14 and had just spent 1 week of her summer vacation, sailing on a boat in the Mediterranean Sea. She set sail with a friend, and the friend’s father who built the sailing boat all by himself.

They sailed in open water to beautiful deserted island, snorkeled in crystal clear water and fished in deep blue sea. Once a while they would ‘park’ their boat a distance from the shore, jumped onto their rubber dinghy and row ashore, to get close to civilization.

It all sound so exciting, wild and adventurous and I couldn’t help wondering to myself, ‘what was I doing when I was 14 …’


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