Here is Malcolm at 4.25 year old.

– Cleaning and dressing himself
He can brush his own teeth and wear his own clothes which include buttoning his shirt every morning although very often, he is lazy to do it. Usually after breakfast, I will have to remind him to wash himself up. YES, we have the habit of washing up AFTER breakfast 🙂
On days when his mood is good, he will cheerfully chirp, ‘Mummy you don’t have to tell me what to do, I will surprise you’. So once a while, I will get a pleasant surprise and recently he had learned to shampoo his hair, lather himself with soap and rinse off.

– He is a very sensitive boy.
He feels sad for anything and everything that is leaving or dying. His water bottle that dropped into the sea, the wild beetle that we had to let go, the trees that need pruning, Daddy who had to be away. We would explain to him the WHYs in a matter-of-fact manner and he would listen but still, couldn’t hold back his tears.

– Feeding himself
He can feed himself pretty well and has the habit of using the combination of chopsticks and spoon over his plate. He is able to spread his baguette with jam and nutella but usually he would end up with a pile of tissue as he got a little too obsessed with clean fingers.

He is rather sensible for his age.
We can walk into a store selling his favourite toys and I could talked to him, convinced him why we shouldn’t buy the toys and we could leave after that. No screaming, no distraction tactics and no tantrum throwing.

– He couldn’t sit long enough in front the TV for me to finish bathing.
Once a while, I would turn on the TV to entertain him while I bathe. Usually when I am done, he will probably be found doing something else with the TV off. The only show that he can probably sit through all on his own is Charlotte’s Web and now Stuart Little.

– He enjoys helping out in the kitchen, especially with Daddy even if it is not baking.
He helps to chop up mushroom, cut sausages, beat the eggs, throw in the garlic, stir fry the shallots and they have their little secret recipe for frozen spinach that Mummy shouldn’t know.
Ever since young, Mal adores his cooking toys and I must admit that at one point I got worried when his pots and pans seem to be the only toys that he played. Things changed when he was almost 3 when rockets, planes and Lego became his new obsession.

– His ability to build with his Lego never fail to amaze me
Perhaps because I am hopeless with Lego myself and he knows that very well.
He builds houses, towers, airport, vacuum cleaners, but still, his favourites are the planes and rockets. He builds Rafale with its canard, Typhoon with its delta wings, B2 with its flying wings, B1 with its swing wings, F16 with its swept back wings (as I type this, I have to confirm with him the different type of wings).
Other than the cooking sets, the Lego is our next best invested toys.

– He can write his ABCs but not in sequence and seem to have absolutely ZERO interest in learning how to write.
Our writing session would usually go like this
Mal writes A on the paper,
‘Mummy, do you know what planes I built today?’
then he will write his B,
‘Mummy, do you know how many bombs can a B2 carries?’
before continuing with his C,
‘Mummy, do you know what is the fastest rocket engine plane? ‘
and then finally
‘Mummy can you spend time with me doing the things I WANT TO DO?!’

– He kind of know his Maths.
He is able to tell you that 20 is more than 10, 55 is more than 45 . He knows 4+6=10 and 3+3=6 and is happy so long as he doesn’t need to write them, if really need to, he would tell you he forgot how to write his 6.

– He is definitely an auditory learner and has a superb memory.
He remembers his Pooh bear stories well and the Tiddly Pom poem and is fascinated by the boa constrictor in the Little Prince story.
He would bring you an Easy Reader book and tell you that he can read when in actual fact, he is merely reciting what he memorized.
Try reading Charles Dicken to him and he will tell you he doesn’t like, as there are too many bad people and the story is too sad.

– He can also roller scooter, very well.
We bought a roller scooter for him about 3 months ago and now he can comfortably balance himself on the scooter. Lift up 1 leg and balance, brake the scooter with the hind brake, turn smoothly and he insists that he can do stunts. It is a good transport for him around here in Paris and he scooters almost everywhere. We even brought it along for our Nice trip. He has yet to learn how to cross the roads but would stop and wait for us whenever he comes to pedestrian crossings. Sometimes he would fall but usually he would pick himself up fast.

That’s about all I could think of for now,
oh and he felt very brave that he can now sit on the fence, just downstairs our apartment and jump down and land without any aid. (as shown in the picture above) .
And one last thing, he still sleeps with his diaper on at night, cos I am too lazy to wake him up to pee.


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