And Finally …

We have been trying to psycho ourselves for the longest time that ‘WE DON”T NEED A CAR IN PARIS’. The public transport is so extensive that it doesn’t quite make sense to drive a car, get trapped in bad traffic, pay an arm and a leg for parking and petrol and only drive it on weekends. It all makes perfect sense to just live without a car for our short stay here, blend into the culture and live like a real parisian. If only so.

Our minds were too weak, our limbs too pampered and after loads of mental struggle and tons of research, we finally succumb to the temptation.
! A 7 year old Diesel Manual Engine Blue Voltswagon Turbo Golf !
Yah, it is an old car and I can’t help but to notice the black rubber tubing that runs round the body, an indication that it is an old model. But we have a car now!
and here are the possibilities,
we could now,
load up our stuff, drive to places of few human inhabitants, picnic on green meadow, hike in wilderness, camp under the stars and maybe catch a fish or 2 in countryside lake.
I feel so happy just thinking of it and I guess it is about time to stop the procrastination.

We just decided last night that coming end of the month, we shall CHUG our old ‘new’ car for our summer vacation and the itinerary is freshly out from the oven.
We plan to,
– cruise along Rhine river in Germany
– visit the birthplace of Mozart and origin of Sound of Music in Salzburg, Austria
– row a gondola in Venice
– explore the ancient civilization in Rome
– smell the sunflowers under the Tuscan sun
and finally
– camp on the Swiss Alps
and we will be on the road for 3 long weeks!

I am so so so excited
I am in cloud nine
and I could hardly contain myself!
Eeeekkks!!! Yiippee!



  1. Ing says:

    Wow! This is so so exciting! Mal is so fortunate to have such an ususual childhood. Not many S’porean kids have such experiences. I think he will grow up having fond memories of his childhood and lots of stories to tell. I am so very “jealou”! Haha! 😉

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