A Little About Myself

– I graduated with a major in Physics and I studied Maths. I used to work as an engineer and IT consultant. I grew up believing that I love crunching numbers, understanding the Laws of Thermodynamics, writing the shortest code to do the most complicated tasks. It was an illusion. I only realized after 30 years of my life that I fare better baking muffins and doing craft with my kids.

– I am intrigued by men who do great things, not necessarily good things, as I am curious what went through their heads

– Being close to nature makes me happy. Being awed by the wonders of mother nature is an emotional thing. It feels good to forget myself, enjoy the openness, the freedom and the closeness between me and nature. It is a place where I find solitude.

– Music touches and inspires me. I always love the sound of piano but I grew up learning the organ. I believe that music like many other arts is more than just learning the technical nuts and bolts. It can be self taught and should probably be that way.

– I don’t like to plan. I envy those who can plan a weekly meal and stick with it. I can be inspired to cook a feast for dinner JUST BEFORE my afternoon nap. However, this only works if I can find what I need in the fridge but most of the time, I tend to work around what I have in the fridge. I think life is more fun and exciting with a little unknown and surprises. I think I thrive on a bit of adrenaline. Not very healthy.

– I am lazy but I try to be discipline. I try to exercise regularly, eat more healthily and drink more water.

– I like to feel inspired as it makes me want to do things. People with dreams and passion inspire me. People who have the courage to pursue their dreams inspire me. People who overcome adversity to achieve their goals inspire me.

– I believe that learning is a life long process and it doesn’t stop at graduation day. My mother-in-law who is now 70 learned how to swim when she was 60. She learned to read and write although she had never attended school. My father-in-law learned how to use the internet after he had retired. I have a lot to learn from them.

– I like to think that nothing is impossible. If we want something bad enough, we can make it happens, often hard work plays a part.

– I think I lived a very sheltered life and that made me a rather gutless and unadventurous person. Through the years, I have crept out from my little shell and learned to overcome my fear, little by little.

* I climbed the highest peak in Southeast Asia (Mount Kinabalu) when I was 20, without any prior training, how stupid! Was running a fever 3/4 up and immediately when I touched base due to over exhaustion. I swore to myself I will never do it again, at least not without training.
* first took a plane by myself when I was 21
* got my scuba diving license when I was 24. Half the time I lost my buddy when I was inside the water and had to end up holding on to the dive master. Navigation in the water was tough when I was feeling sick most of the time. I thought the fishes had a good time laughing at us as for once, we were in their territories, at their mercy. Trying to swim like them?! HA!
* traveled on my own when I was 26
* flew a glider when I was 32 with the instructor taking control of the stick while I took control of a plastic bag, ready to puke!
* learned snowboarding when I was 33 while my husband and Malcolm watched on.
* came face to face with a black bear when I was 34 while hiking through some forest at Yellow Stone National Park. We ran for our lives, with Malcolm in the sling
* hike up Schilthorn (2190m) in the Bernese Alps, Switzerland when I was 35 with my husband and Malcolm who was 4 years old then. It was a memorable yet terrifying experience

Half of these I didn’t enjoy but I am glad I tried.
I enjoy collecting ‘my first experience’. I will love to climb a live volcano and run a marathon but I think I lack the discipline to train.

– I have a little phobia of sea. I was determined to learn how to swim AFTER getting my scuba diving license and I finally did it when I was 25. I could do laps, but only in the swimming pool. I wish I can get more comfortable swimming in the sea so that I can learn surfing.

– I am a motion sickness queen. I get sick wind surfing, whale watching, flying in a seaplane and driving along Pacific Coast Highway (or Highway 1) in California. I wish my body is a bit hardier than that. I felt very proud when I rode the Top Gun in a local funfair without puking, but I ended up with ‘G-measles’ on my thighs.

– I enjoy playing pool (smaller version of billard) but I am too impatient and lack the discipline to improve my skill and I am a sore loser when I play with my husband.

– I enjoy inline blading. I started roller skating when I was little. I enjoy the speed, going fast and zipping through parks. I had an accident when doing so when I was 25 and broke my right hand wrist. The bones were crushed and the doctor said that I had bones of a 60 year old lady. Not surprising since I don’t drink milk. I still blade but I try to go slow these days. I enjoy pushing he baby in the stroller while blading. It is a form of exercise for me after the kids came along.

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  1. Angeline says:

    I see so much in me that’s in you or vice versa…

    I’m the eldest too

    I love the nature, if I could,I’ll probably be leaving in a forest LOL

    I like to train my mind to be more versatile so I never like to plan, I take whatever that comes.

    Music is in me…all the time, even though I can’t play any instruments but I sing alot to my kids…luckily they love my voice.. LOL

  2. 4MalMal says:

    hi angeline,
    thanks for sharing.
    hmmm, that’s a good way to look at it. Versatile. never thought of it that way 🙂

  3. aj7 says:

    Interesting things you have done. Sounds to me like you are living your life and enjoying it. It’s a blessing to be able to do that! Will def be dropping by more often.

  4. Corsage @ A Dollop of Me says:

    Hi Rachel, thanks for popping by A Dollop Of Me 🙂 I really enjoyed reading this post about you. You have done a couple of amazing things that I know I probably never would myself! I’ll definitely be staying tuned to read more 🙂

    • malmal says:

      Hi Corsage thanks for coming by
      Actually now come to think of it, I was actually quite mindless when I tried out some of these things. I will probably enjoy them more if I was physically more prepared
      Then again, knowing how gutless I was, I will probably chicken out if I will to dwell too much into the things that could go wrong

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