Swish Swash, Mosquito

We have been on the road for 5 days now. We visited Germany and Austria and they were simply marvelous and I am afraid that by trying to describe our experience in such a short post may do these places injustice. So will do so when I have more time. Everything has been perfect until now.

We are at our 3rd stop, Italy. Just checked into a hotel in this small town Mestre, outside Venice. First thing that welcomed me was this HUGE mosquito that tried to suck blood out of me while waiting for our turn to check in. With a quick swipe, I managed to cripple the hell out of this pesky little insect. I was pleased with my quick reaction though a little surprise to find mosquito breeding in a developed temperate country, it was afterall my first encounter with a mosquito in Europe.

We finally checked in and I had a shock of my life when I saw our room. Pink bedsheets and red curtains with japanese paper lamps hanging from the ceiling. Wooden furnishing that reminds me of my childhood days. Hangers of varied designs and colours that look like they were collected over donkey years. The best part is the huge oriental paper fan that opens up as the headboard of the bed! The room looks trying. Trying to be oriental in the 80s or even 7os and it does invoke a sense of nostalgia in me. But I certainly don’t expect a room that cost me close to SGD 200 a night to remind me of my grandfather’s in rural Muar! I can almost feel the mosquito sneering at me! I have my blood sucked after all!

Let’s hope that Venice will not turn out like Punggol ‘long gang” tomorrow!
oh one good thing here, I have free WIFI in the room, first time ever! thus the chance for me to bitch and vent my frustration!
swwisshh! I just killed another mosquito! 3 days seem like a loooong time here!



  1. Hoonie says:

    haha.. i got Punggol longkang view everyday and I LOVE IT!! see the trees dancing, planes taking off, birds flying… 🙂

    think of the bedroom as a place to sleep… just sleep… as long as the bed is comfortable, pillow is soft, family is safe. Good night and sweet dreams! ;P *hugs*

  2. Angeline says:

    *laugh* That room reminded me of my granny’s funeral too!

    seriously, how could you guys afford to do all these travels? – just had to let this question out of my chest after so long….please pardon my straight-forwardness…

  3. 4MalMal says:

    hey bbh,
    u seem to speak all languages huh

    hey blessed mum,
    thanks! we r still on the road!

    hey hoonie,
    good for pp like u who enjoy the little things in life. we still on the road!

    hey angeline,
    we take it as a once a lifetime thing. we console ourselves that we saved a huge amount by not having to pay for tickets from spore to europe. life savings!

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