The Best Therapy

We are finally back in Paris! After being on the road for close to a month. The trip was awesome and it was a real eye opener and frankly I DON”T MISS PARIS.

It is now back to crazy traffic, concrete jungle, dogs’ poo infested streets and potent bird dropping over our Golf! The amount of laundry we need to do is crazy. So far, we are done with 4 batches of washing and we are still not through. Our house is literally turned into a laundry hanging backyard and it doesn’t help when the weather is gloomy and grey.

It was only a day and I am already missing my snow capped mountains and long hikes in desolated wilderness. I concluded that the human soul is a greedy one. Indulgence and satiation can only lead to laziness and unsatiable desires.

In an attempt to calm my soul, we set off to the park. We found a really nice open field near our place. While the duo kicked ball and flew planes, I did a good half hour jog around the lake which miraculously lifted my spirit.

How could I have forgotten what exercising can do! All I really needed was a dose of endorphin to take away my blues.


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