Refuge Albert 1er

Chamonix Day 3 - 099

Today’s hike was quite painful, mainly because my body was already feeling exhausted after the last 2 hikes and also because an outdoor bed is not the best way to rest my body.

We started the hike at Charamillon-Balme, 7172 ft, climbed 1706 ft to Refuge Albert 1er, a mountain refuge perched atop a scraggy crag, lateral moraine of the Glacier du Tour.

Chamonix Day 3 - 171

The ascent saw us crawling precariously over piles of jagged rocks and during the descent, a loose shoe lace caused a bad landing and I thought I couldn’t escape the fate of a sprained ankle. Fortunately all was well, I was still able to make it down though at a much slower pace. My knees hurt and my left toe was already blistered from yesterday’s descent. I never find descending gentle slopes such a torture. We took 4 1/2 hour to complete the hike.

Chamonix Day 3 - 155


I thought I had seen quite enough glacier but today’s view atop humbled me. The huge mass of glacier stretched almost endlessly and the resulting waterfall that gushed from underneath huge masses of ice once again reminded me of mother nature’s unrelenting power.

Chamonix Day 3 - 185_mod

Time like this, when the body aches and the butt sore, I wished I never have to climb further, but I knew better than that.

Chamonix Day 3 - 210_mod

All it takes is a good night rest and another beautiful day and we will be tempted to go again.



  1. Ing says:

    I really love all these photos you’ve taken. The one with Mal sitting on daddy’s shoulders is so heartwarming.

    Reading yr blog makes me feel like my life is so BORING!!! Haha. Treasure all these experiences that you have… 🙂

  2. Hoonie says:

    ya.. u’re so lucky to be able to stay first in USA then in France… I wanna go USA again! then we can go back to all these fun hikes and camp again! have to bring out the camping gear… it’s moulding in my storeroom now!

    go on and hike then after the few difficult nights in your tent, you’ll appreciate your own bed more! hahaha.. enjoy!

  3. 4MalMal says:

    hey angeline,
    ouch ouch for me too, time to rest our feet 🙂

    hey ing,
    thanks, most of them were candid shots, too tired to ask them to pose Having 2 boys may mean double the fun 🙂

    Yo hoonie
    u r right, I really appreciate my bed more! now u r in spore, maybe u can try going malaysia for camping trip?

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