My Summer Holiday (Window Movie Maker)

As much as I love video editing, compiling and organising the videos we took into nice, sweet, memorable ‘movie’ for keepsake, this software that I am using, Windows Movie Maker is driving me NUTS! and thus this ranting

I hate it when the program hangs

I hate it when my unfinished work takes forever to load

I hate it when the video is all distorted and beyond recognition

because every frames lag so badly


I hate it when I get the big yellow EXCLAIMATION mark

which gives me unbelievable insane warning

I blame it on my dinosaur lappie

only to realise that I am not the only victim


I meddle with the paging file

I free up as much space as I can

I split up video frames

and even music too


But what a big mistake

to stress my rusty brain

dividing minutes into seconds

and seconds into the 100ths


I pull hair, I curse, I complain

I am sure it took a few years off my life

and finally I get to compile


I sit with fingers crossed

as well as toes too

1, 2, 3


It works!


I know it has to work

by hook or by crook

for all the woes and frustrations it has caused

happy ? maybe. satisfied ? yeah


but one thing for sure

to save my sanity

this shall be the LAST TIME

I lay hands on WMM !!!

and because it was quite a big file, the resolution of the video suffers when it gets uploaded to youtube. haiz!


  1. Angeline says:

    OMG! look at your little one! chasing the birds and flying around…
    mommy! you surely have made your kid the happiest kid in the world!

    you know, when all those ‘digital’ stuff happens to me…i will do all of that which you did and I’ll shake the monitor…poor monitor!

  2. Junette says:

    Hey Aifang

    Excellent video.. we are “drooling” when we watched the video.. so beautiful.. how come u are nt in the video? Hows life? take care and continue to take all the breathtaking scenery!!

  3. Ing says:

    Beautiful memories… You must show this to Mal when he grows up. He sure has one unusual childhood. 🙂

    I hv to say this, u are very poetic. Even your rantings come out in poetic phrases! 😀
    I can feel yr frustration as I read this post!

  4. 4MalMal says:

    hey angeline,
    hope that he will remember these when he grow up. for now, I think he is happy becos daddy and mummy are with him, even if he is doing dangerous stuff. haha

    HALO june!
    me not in video cos I am always the one holding the camera! haha, I also said the same thing to mako! Life’s ok, cannot complain la..waiting for u all to come and take over. haha

    hey ing,
    actually that is what i did, once a while, i will show him all the videos I had made, he kind of like it.
    dono whether u can call that poetry haha. Sometimes I find it easier to express myself this way, dont have to think about sentence construction hehe

  5. Blessed mum says:

    wow..beautiful, wonderful holidays..though the process of making can drive one nuts, the final product is something to be proud def a good pressie for mal when he grows up..

  6. Hoonie says:

    i like your video.. nice way to capture the moments into a short video clip. then it’s not too lengthy and boring. gd idea!

    see… your ranting also can be poetic.. can’t deny this ‘talent’ of yours anymore rite? i’m not the only one saying this.. 😛

  7. 4MalMal says:

    hey thanks blessed mum and belly! You gals made my day!

    hey hoonie,
    so have I inspire u to compile a video or write a ‘poem’? hehe anyway, u pp r being very kind. Thanks for the encouragement!

    hi yilin,
    pls check your email.

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