Summer is finally coming to an end and a new school term has formally started for Malcolm this week, or rather today, for his case. Thanks to his not so enthusiastic parents. It was only the first week of school and we had made 2 huge blunders.

First, Malcolm missed the first day of school. Monday was a public holiday and thus Tuesday was supposedly to be the first day of school. Somehow we kept thinking that his first day of school was on Wednesday, which was usually the rest day of the week but we couldn’t care less to find out more. We ended up having to cook up a story explaining to the director why he missed school on Tuesday.

Second was when I picked him up from school during lunch time today, I was told then that I need to bring him back to class after lunch. You see, je peux pas parler francais, and the teacher don’t really speak English. So there we were, a duck and a chicken trying to communicate. I figured out that school this term for him is a full day event and is obligatoire which means compulsory in French. I was told I need to speak to the director again if I decided not to bring him back after lunch.

I knew I couldn’t bring him back after lunch. We hadn’t tell him anything about being in school for the whole day, he is not mentally prepared and NEITHER AM I! Once again, to get him out of school for the afternoon class, I cooked up another story to have him excused.

I could sense his relief. I knew how happy he was and I knew that he would rather choose the ‘boredom’ of staying at home, hanging around with me than to be in school for the whole day! It is just too much, not just for him but for me. We have never been apart for this long.


So maybe this is it, after 4 1/2 years of being with Mummy for all his waking hours, my boy is now ready to venture into the big boy world. It kind of sadden me to think that I will only get to spend time with him for 2 hours during his lunch and subsequently another 4 hours when he comes back from school and before going to bed. That is like 1/2 the amount of time we used to spend together!

I know this day will come sooner or later and to many it had came much earlier. It may be a consolation to know but it doesn’t make it easier, especially for a child, who has never really wander far and long away from Mummy dearest.



  1. Angeline says:

    Sooo…I’m not the only blur-mommy on the planet…I’ve got a friend now. *wink*

    Though many mommy feels that way, (I’m a weird mommy) I kind of look forward to my elder one in school and I’ve got only my younger one to manage…and super looking forward to next year when BOTH are in school and I’ll have 2-3hours of complete ME-TIME!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Just as a mother bird lets her baby bird fall many times when it learns to fly, you shud let go of your boy so that he can grow up to be an independent man in the future 😉

  3. Blessed mum says:

    haha..give me five, angeline! We had the same thoughts.

    Maybe I have 3, so hardly have any ME-time..:P

    didn’t realise Mal is only 4 1/2yrs. He looks so mature..he can anytime pass off as 6yrs!

  4. Junette says:

    Hi Aifang

    I can totally relate to that, i was so upset and emotional on her first day of sch, i guess i am so used of having her around me that it feels so lost and empty without her presence.
    But now, i can wait for Jayla to go to sch, so that i can have 3 hrs of free rime, hahaha…

  5. Hoonie says:

    u will soon love the time he’s in sch.. haha.. maybe for me it’s becoz when 3 are ard.. i go nuts! i think it’ll be awhile after u get used to it.. how i wish i do get some me time

  6. 4MalMal says:

    hey angeline,
    yeah, u’ve got a friend here!
    It’s mixed feelings

    I can’t agree more

    blessed mum,
    hmmm, not so sure about other 4 1/2 year old, I guess u r the expert here.

    hehe June, I think is just a fleeting thought that stirs up the emotion. Ultimately we know we will love the ‘free’ time. You will really be ‘free’ when Jayla starts school 🙂

    hihi hoonie,
    I am actually enjoying my ME time very much, the adjustment is more on the child who needs to get used to being away from mummy.

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