Monologue Of A Blog


I am 3 years old today

a little younger than my little master Sim

whom was really the reason behind me

and the source of inspiration ever since.


I was born as a journal

recording my little master’s joy and laughter

milestones and growth

with photos, videos and what have you



I was more than a substitute

the perfect replacement

for written journal in diary book

really meant for days where dinosaurs rule.


There were times when other priorities reign

but I was glad I wasn’t abandoned

for reasons apparent

which you will hear them very soon.



There was a time when I was a good break

from nappy changing and mundane chores

There was a time when I called for disciplinary act to

polish up horrendous grammar left stagnant since elementary school.


During times when distance separates

I helped bridge the gaps

During times when memory fails

I helped fill the holes.



I open the eyes to possibilities

and spread the wings for self exploration

I train the mind for self reflection

and pave the way to self discovery.


And on this very special day

if I have only one wish

I wish to grow side by side with little master Sim

till the day he discover, the goodness that lies in me.



  1. Jocelyn says:

    Heya, thanks for the ownderful compliemnts on Hip Mama’s Place. I work hard on it everyday! 😉

    I love your poem and your little boy is just adorable.

    Have a great day! 🙂

  2. Contentedmom says:

    hi there…am popping over to say hi…what a beautiful poem…well written indeed..and thanks for encouraging words on my blog.:)

  3. Mummy Gwen says:

    Hi, Thanks for dropping by my blog. U have a really nice blog. Lots of interesting places u have been. This is a beautiful poem u wrote. Yr son is very adorable indeed. Cheers.

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