SO I wasn’t concentrating
I was tired
I was distracted
I was complacent
I lost my queen and bishop to careless move
AND my boy CHECKMATE me today!
I succumbed to his castle, horse and queen after defending my king for the longest time.
It was a shameful and prideful moment
What can I say, I think I just have to be more cautious before making my next move
and stop being such a bimbo when it comes to playing chess!

sep 027



  1. Rachel says:

    gosh! your boy can play chess already! and winning you?! *clap! clap!* so impressive!

    I thinking of signing my girl up for the chess club next year..its good sport to learnt.

  2. Hoonie says:

    hahha.. mummy must be too distracted.. din put your mind to it, never expecting your little boy to checkmate u! yeah for malcolm!!! ;P

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