My First 7 days of School

Today is the 7th day of school for Malcolm and things have more or less settled down.

Other than having insomia for the 1st night and waking up an hour earlier on the 2nd day so that he could play with his Lego before leaving for school, the transition has been quite smooth.

On the 3rd day, he came home from school telling me that there were 23 students in his class.
On the 4th day, he let a Japanese girl in his class hold his hand.
On the 5th day he recounted 22 students in his class because the Japanese girl was absent.
On the 6th day he turned down a group of boys to play fighting and chose to play alone instead.

Today, he made 2 new friends and together with the Japanese girl and another boy, they played holding hands and running in circles. It was fun and easy cos he need not speak french playing the game. He also counted 53 Big and Small alphabets from A-Z in his class.

I think instead of listening to the teacher blabbers in French, he is most of the time lost in his own world of counting game.

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  1. Hoonie says:

    i think it was always mummy who is too worried that her little one can’t adapt! hahah… now u just got to get used to more me time! u’ll absolutely love it!

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