Nature Wonderland

We drove an hour or so out of Paris and found a nature wonderland.

sep 088

A place with hiking trails marked with bright blue paint,

sep 149_mod

forest floor cushioned with fallen dried twigs

sep 119_mod

and baby pine cones

sep 113_mod

Natural mossy green carpet that look like this

sep 169

An uprooted tree, which made a good train ride

sep 161

and HUGE boulders with cavities

sep 080

We tried climbing the really BIG ones

sep 061

but I think the little ones suit me more

sep 198

we saw Mr spider enjoying sumptuous lunch

sep 164

and not-so-smart beetles which often ended up ‘belly up’

sep 131

We even spotted Mummy’s favourite fruits

sep 144

and mine too, sprouting here and there.

sep 134

And before I left, these are some of the goodies I packed with me.

sep 180



  1. Ing says:

    Lovely place… makes me feel relaxed even reading this post. You’re always able to capture such beautiful pictures, that make me wish that I can visit those places. 🙂

  2. Hoonie says:

    just taking time to enjoy the simplicity of life.. and nature.. how beautiful our earth is.

    contentedmom… i think S’pore has spiders, pinecones, beetles, trees too.. sometimes it’s just slowing our pace of life down. take time to sit on the grass patch, look up at our evergreen tall trees.. 🙂

  3. 4MalMal says:

    hey thanks ing, glad that it ‘relaxes’ u 🙂 actually this place reminds me of Tree Top walk trail in singapore. We did that a while ago.

    hey contentedmom,
    hmm i guess u can say that or maybe the beauty of nature

    yo hoonie,
    how’s the tree top walk?! fun and quite shack rite?!

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