Curiosity – The Subconscious of a Child Speaks

In every little child I live

a natural habitat made for me

where I am fed with wonderful things

that are good for my soul and being.


Sight, Sound, Smell and Touch

are some of my favourite food


will make very special treats.


I love fun play

as they are staple for my growth

Lavish and fanciful are not the keys

Sadly these are what some believe.


Just like any other living things

I get sick when fed the wrong things

Worksheets, tests and exams

are stresses that kills my passion for things.


Some people believe

I am the creator of Natural Science and Mathematics

for I fuel the passionate desire to understand

to seek the truth in all things.


Every once in a few centuries

a miracle bestowed

often a genius who possesses me

the force behind thirst for knowledge and quest for truth.


Unfortunately, my life in modern education is short lived

for my growth is inadvertently stifled

my sacred existence is undermined

and I may only be heard, when the subconscious of a child speaks.


Note : ‘There is such a thing as a passionate desire to understand, just as there is a passionate love for music. This passion is common with children, but is usually vanishes as they grow up. Without it, there would be no natural science and mathematics’ ~ Albert Einstein



  1. Ing says:

    Well written. This is so true… Sadly, our education system sometimes kills that curiosity in children. That’s why parents play a vital role in keeping it alive in their kids.

  2. Angeline says:

    If I didn’t remember wrongly, you did a post that is similar to this style, short sentences, deep meanings…
    I love it completely.

  3. 4MalMal says:

    hi ing,
    Have been thinking abit about education and thus this post. I hope this will serve as a reminder for myself not to be pressurized by society norms, which can be tough sometimes. I think u r doing great with your 2 boys.

  4. 4MalMal says:

    hi angeline,
    thank you again. U r always very kind with your comments. I discovered this new way of expressing my thoughts recently. Thanks for bearing with me 🙂

  5. U.Lee says:

    Hi 4malmal, A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bank balance smaller, home happier, clothes dirty, the past forgotten and the future worth living for.

    And, having a baby changes the way you view your in-laws or out-laws….You love it when they come to visit.
    They hold the baby, and you go Disco, ha ha.
    Have a great week, Lee.

  6. shoppingmum says:

    Thanks for dropping by my blog, and I love your post. You do travel a lot huh? I’m still reading your older posts about the places you visited. 🙂

  7. 4MalMal says:

    hi ULee,
    thanks for dropping by and your blabbering 🙂 disco sounds like good if I can get someone to help me babysit. u have a great week too 🙂

    hi shoppingmum,
    we do get to travel quite a bit these few years. I will love to do more shopping like u though 😉

  8. Ann says:


    THanks for putting up the Einstein quote. I have known its truth for years but never knew it was already well worded by a genius of our time.

  9. Jaanvi says:

    Hi Rachel
    Thanks for stopping by my blog…
    This post is very nicely written.
    The education system has to go in for a complete change. Here in India,its more about theoretical knowledge which is a pity.

  10. 4MalMal says:

    Hi Ann,
    sometimes it is amazing how our thoughts were already thought through and questions already answered by people who lived long before us. I am glad u enjoyed the quote.

  11. 4MalMal says:

    hi jaanvi,
    thank you. I was actually wishfully thinking of an ‘ideal’ education system, but I think it is beyond my meagre knowledge and ability. But one thing for sure, I am able to influence the education of my child, which is sometime both scary and exciting.
    R u referring to theoretical knowledge at tertiary education?

  12. KoLe says:

    This is beautiful and so well written. Thank you.

    I tried to remind myself that constantly but sadly I am always weigh down by the reality of life and the education system!

    thanks for giving me another reality check 🙂

  13. 4MalMal says:

    Hi kole,
    Thank u and u r most welcome. I understand what you mean. I need to constantly remind myself too and I think you are doing great with your little princess.

  14. Jess Yap says:

    hey Haifang, thanks for sharing. Precious thoughts indeed! was beginning to feel alone not doing the “Singaporean” thing. You’re writing real well! Keep it up! *hugs*

  15. 4MalMal says:

    hey jess! totally understand. I think sometime it is more difficult taking the unbeaten path. I believe all parents want the best for their kids, but best is subjective and there r more than 1 way to achieve it.
    Maybe more faith in ourselves might help…I m also trying.

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