Eating Fish

Malcolm loves to eat fish and has an impeccable ability to separate the bones from the fish. During lunch time yesterday, he decided to share with me how he did it.

Malcolm : ‘Mummy, do you know how I eat fish ?’

Mummy : ‘How ?’

Malcolm : ‘I put the fish in my mouth,

roll it with my tongue and bite it with my teeth.

If the fish is lying horizontal,

I use the front teeth to bite

If the fish is lying vertical,

I use my side and back teeth to bite.

Certain teeth are good at certain things.

If I feel a bone, I will separate it with my tongue

and spit out the bone.’

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I figured out that my 4 year old is more patient and careful when it comes to eating fish.

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  1. U.Lee says:

    Hi 4Malmal, smart kid you have there, ha ha.
    I too love to eat fish, especially fish and chips.
    You have a great week and keep well, Lee.

  2. Blessed mum says:

    He is so smart! my 6yrs old daughter still insist on us taking out the bones for her. Must pass her Malcolm’s strategy in “deboning” the fish.

  3. Angeline says:

    that’s some theory isn’t it and good old me didn’t even realise it! I always ‘un-bone’ the fish before I put into my mouth!

    he is AMAZING at 4!

  4. 4MalMal says:

    hi kole,
    I actually went…oh…errh…ok with a serious straight face, while trying to hold back my laughter.

    hi u.lee,
    I usually cook the fish the chinese style, fish and chips is nice too but we only get to eat it in the restaurant.

    hi blessed mum,
    maybe u can try, + lots of praise 🙂 such as ‘WAH u r better at eating fish than Mummy!!!’

    hey angeline,
    we usually ask him not to mix rice or any other food in his mouth with fish, so that he can concentrate on ‘picking’ out the bones before swallowing.

    hi moo mummy,
    we try to debone for him as much as possible but sometimes we just miss it. btw i love MOO 🙂

  5. andrewjune says:

    yeah…one smart kid! i usually debone the fish first…hahaha…

    btw, thks for dropping by our blog and am i glad you’re now residing in paris! wow, one of the city i love!


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