1. Just Sharlene and My Spice Cats says:

    Hi, thanks for visiting my blog.

    Such a lovely sight you have there. I just came back from Paris about 3 weeks ago. It wasnt Autumn yet when I am there.

    If you love hiking, Malaysia got quite a few nice places, namely Bukit Tabur, Mount Kinabalu and Mount Irau. All of them are really lovely.

  2. KoLe says:

    Beautiful! Lovely!
    Makes the green here looks plain boring.
    May I know what camera/lens are you using?

    Rachel : hi Kole, I am using a Canon Powershot S5 for these pictures but am seriously thinking of buying a digital SLR.

  3. Hoonie says:

    that’s the beauty about living in countries with 4 seasons.. u get a drastic change! hahaha! Sg leaves are mostly dark green, light green, yellowish green, olive green, u got to be really gd at all the shades to describe it further! and it’s getting hot, hotter, or humid, more humid! argh!

  4. The Farmer Files says:

    Beautiful…I haven’t seen the Fall since I lived in VA, 11 miles from Washington, DC. That was 4 years ago.

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